Black Student Union

Chyna Dews

The Black Student Union, also known as BSU, is a club to bring the African American community together positively. The purpose of this club is to bring more awareness to the black student body, provide academic opportunity and support and to show a positive outlook on their culture. They meet on Fridays in room 232.


The meaning of BSU is to promote unity, provide a support system for those who have no support, and to encourage and spread positivity, said Mr. David. It brings a voice for the African Americans and helps the students academically.


The group attends fun trips like college tours to help students explore their options including Historically Black Colleges and Universities and also involves fun enrichment activities.


“BSU is mainly a safe haven for the African American students” said Mr. David. It’s uplifting, fun, unifying, centered around advancements and guides students for college preparation and provides the opportunity for college.