Hillary Clinton Wins Mock Election


Provided by Venice ASB

Venice High School student pose with Secretary of State Alex Padilla during the Mock Election

Alan Gamez

On Oct. 11, Venice high school held a mock election to see who students would select as their next president. Representing the democrats, Hilary Clinton, who is running for president along with vice presidential candidate Tim Kaine, received a total of 156 votes from students. Running against Clinton from the republican, American independent parties were Donald Trump and Michael R. Pence against Kaine. They received a total of 42 votes.

The statewide student vote had a percentage of 58 percent for the Democratic party and 19 percent vote for the republicans. Venice was 65 percent for Democrats and 17 percent Republican.

Senior Cameron Pace voted for Hilary Clinton “because she’s the only candidate who’s even remotely qualified enough to be president.”

Students could also vote for the Green Party and Libertarian Party. Jill Stein, running for president, and Ajamu Baraka, running for Vice president, both representing the Green Party, received a total of 21 votes. The Libertarian Party represented by Gary Johnson and Bill Weld received 12 votes.

Venice High School also voted for U.S. senators, candidates Loretta Sanchez and Kamala Harris. The two are both Democratic candidates. Sanchez won with a total of 146 votes, while Kamala Harris only received 77 votes.

The students also voted for California propositions in the mock election. Proposition 56 helps K-12 school and community college facilities through school bond. This proposition got 191 voted yes and 32 voted no.

Overall, the mock elections provided students with the opportunity to learn and participate in their right to vote.