Venice High Student Receives Full Scholarship for Baseball


Tania Paz

Nick Atkins holding a poster after signing with University of New Mexico.

Magali Sanchez

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For the first time in Venice High School’s baseball history, varsity captain Nick Atkins has signed early to play collegiate baseball for the University of New Mexico.

“He is also the first one to play on Venice’s varsity team since freshman year,” said Coach Kevin Brockway.

Atkins signed during the early signing period in November, while most players usually have to wait until the summer to be offered a scholarship and sign with a college.

Atkins, who plays shortstop, has improved greatly since he started playing at Venice.

“His speed is one of the biggest improvements along with hitting and his arm strength,” said Coach Brockway.

Atkins started playing the all-American sport when he was three years old. He played on multiple teams in order to develop his baseball skill faster, and soon became one of the best players in his league.

He has been captain of the varsity team since sophmore year and has been a great coach to other players.

“He plays hard and is aggressive,” said Jashia Morrisey, Atkins’ teammate.

“He’s a huge competitor and even though he’s small and statured, when he’s out there, he plays big,” said coach Brockway.

That is what the University of New Mexico saw in him when they offered him a scholarship. Other colleges like UCLA, LMU, CSUB, and others wanted him too but UNM was the only college who offered him what he wanted.

“ New Mexico had the best offer out of all of them and I went to their campus and talked to the coaches and the players and I like them,” said Atkins.