Students are Being Heard with Written Voice

Emily Elias

The first issue of Written Thought was published last month. Written Thought is a new one-page, monthly publication produced by the staff of Written Voice, Venice High’s literary magazine. Editor-in-Chief Jae Hee Ha said that it will be published more often than the magazine.

Every semester, the Written Voice staff publishes a magazine made up of submissions from students. Poetry, short stories and photography are just some of the submissions Written Voice publishes.

“Because of a delay with printing supply orders that are needed in order to print the magazine, we have not been able to publish the literary magazine,” said Ha. “Instead of waiting, the staff and I decided to do something new which came in the form of Written Thought.”

The Written Voice club has many exciting events coming up in the near future such as writing competitions that’ll keep students engaged in their writing.

“Bringing attention to creative outlets is really what Written Voice stands for,” said Ha.

“The goals of Written Voice change every year with additions and graduations of staff members, and different cultural changes of our school,” said Ha. “But this year, the staff and I are really focusing on bringing the attention back to creative expression, and showcasing the wonderful works of our peers.”

Ms. Christine Tachiki is the sponsor of Written Voice. They meet every Tuesday during nutrition in her class, Room 243. You can also contact them via email if you have any further questions at [email protected].