Oakgrove Left Many with Nice Memories

Alan Gamez , Reporter

The Oakgrove retreat is a powerful experience that has been part of Venice High School for over 40 years. Oakgrove has a confidentiality policy that provides an environment where students will feel safe and comfortable to express their feelings and thoughts openly without any fear of judgment. Every student who attends Oakgrove engages in team building, problem solving, and share experiences and feelings about subjects such as religion, family, discrimination, and other topics. Oakgrove is planned and organized by 11 members of Oakgrove Council.

“ Oakgrove was an eye opening experience where I could connect deeply with my friends and new people that I would never have had the chance to otherwise” said Chris Selvo.

This semester the Oakgrove retreat is from Dec. 2-4 at Angeles Crest Camp. They will be leaving school on Friday, Dec. 2 at approximately 3:30 p.m and returning to campus at approximately 6:00 p.m on Sunday December 4.

“The reason why I came back to Oakgrove is because they are saving lives.”

Several adult Venice High School alumni will accompany the students and provide supervision. The students will be separated into male/female cabins.

The cost of Oakgrove this semester was $200. This will cover the cost of the camp, buses, liability insurance provided by Wildwoods Foundation, and all amazing meals from dinner on Friday at lunch on Sunday.

If you are having any financial challenges that are holding you back from enjoying the amazing experience, there is a two types of scholarships that students were eligible to receive. A full scholarship result in a total cost of $25 and a half scholarship is $75. All scholarship recipients must be part of the Title 1 school lunch program.

Oakgrove is a fun experience everyone should be consider of attending.