Students Run Los Angeles Preparing for the L.A. Marathon

Samantha Espinoza, Reporter & Asst. Features Editor

Students Run Los Angeles is a club that requires a serious amount of dedication and commitment.

The SRLA team spends at least five hours a week practicing after school, training for upcoming races and preparing for the L.A. Marathon in March. Team members strive to complete the annual marathon along with thousands of other students from all around the Los Angeles area.

As the marathon approaches, runners shared their feelings and their best experiences they have had being on the team.

Alan Ruiz, 12 grade

“I’ve been on the team for 3 years. I became part of the team because my friends inspired me to join,” said Ruiz. “The 18-mile race was my favorite memory because I actually finished it. I feel scared because I don’t think I’m ready. It’s a hard race.” The most challenging thing about SRLA for Ruiz, “would be showing up to practices and races and finishing them all. After all that I’ve experienced, I’ve learned how to manage my time.”


Paul Butler, 12 grade

“This is my first year on the team,” said Butler. “I joined because I wanted to challenge myself to go to the absolute limit. I’m excited for the marathon because I’m the first one to do something like this in my family. I feel proud to be part of something like this. Getting up so early and waking up on weekends for practices and races is the most challenging thing for me. I’ve learned to endure and going to the absolute limit is the only way to improve yourself.”


Janneth Lopez, 11 grade

“This is my first year on the team. I joined because I need to work out more. I was laying around and had nothing else to do so I figured ‘Why not?’ My favorite memories are when I get to practice and have fun with my friend, Maria,” said Lopez. “ I feel nervous as the marathon approaches because I fear that I will die out on the last few miles.” The biggest challenge for Lopez is, to keep on running and not stop. “No matter what, you just have to have a positive vibe and never give up.”


Maria Garcia, 11 grade

“I’ve been on the team for a year and I joined because I used to run and thought why not be on a team specifically for running. I really want people to be proud of me,” said Garcia. “My favorite memory is stretching with Janneth. We have fun together. I’m nervous and scared about the marathon because it’s a long time to be constantly running. Running 16 miles was the most challenging for me. Out of my experience so far, I’ve learned to not give up.”


Merary Gudiel, 10 grade

“I’ve been on the team for two years and I joined to build stamina and to also lose weight. Finishing the marathon was a big accomplishment for me, so that is my favorite memory,” said Gudiel. “I feel nervous about the marathon because I’m not sure if I feel up for it. It’s a hard thing to accomplish. The most challenging thing is to keep on practicing and get used to running since your body isn’t used to it. I’ve learned to not quit, keep constant and finish what you start.”