Boys Soccer Team Ends a Grueling Season

Chyna Dews, Reporter

Reading Time: < 1 minute

Boys varsity soccer overall record so far is 2-8. Their season is on a rocky road because of a lack of team chemistry but they do still have a chance to qualify for playoffs. In order to make the playoffs, they have to play well against Hamilton and Westchester.

“As a team, we have good communication and have each other’s back on the field,” said team captain Juan Vargas.

“I feel if we get things together and play more like a team, we have a chance of making it to the playoffs,” said player Levi Premer.

“The players have a lot of experience, but we need to work on unity, and having the team become close chemistry wise,” says Coach Ivan Gomez.

The team members all believe that they can improve on communication and discipline for these next upcoming games.

The boys junior varsity soccer team overall record so far is 5-4-1. They’ve had a pretty good season, compared to varsity.