NBA All Star Weekend Was a Fail

Almond Mckinley, reporter

Reading Time: 2 minutes

The NBA All Star Weekend 2017 was definitely a sad show for everyone that watched. It was held in New Orleans from February 17 to 19.

Last year, basketball player Aaron Gordon of the Orlando Magic felt he should have won the dunk contest but he lost to returning champ, Zach LaVine. 2017, he decided to come back with an even more creative dunk. Unfortunately, his mind was ahead of his body and he was disqualified in the first round.

The rules are that a contestant has three tries to dunk the ball and he wasn’t able to get the ball in the hoop. Gordon used a drone to hold the ball above the basket and release it, letting the ball bounce once. He put the ball through his legs and then dunked it. Because Gordon’s idea was so amazing, the judges as well as the fans in the stand wanted to see him accomplish this dunk. He was able to make the dunk the 4th time around. Unfortunately, Glen Robinson III of the Indiana Pacers ended up as the winner of the night for the 2017 Dunk Contest.

“This year was weak,” said junior Tyree Davis “It gets worse over the years because the players got no bunnies.”

Eric Gordon of the Houston Rockets won the 2017, 3 – Point Contest. Before this year, Gordon was not a much known player. Everyone expected Klay Thompson to win, as he did the year before. This also disappointed many people around the campus.

“I’ve never heard of that other guy,” said junior Reiss Komezu “everybody did horrible. I stopped watching after that, it was boring.”


The last event of the All Star weekend was the traditional game of East verses West where specifically picked players from NBA teams join together based on what side of the country they are originally from. West beat East by a score of 192 – 182.

A big highlight from this game was when Steph Curry laid out on the floor during the game to avoid getting dunked on. Apparently, this is a reccurring theme because Curry has been repeatedly spotted laying out on the floor in big games.

“Man if three big men were coming at me,” said junior Antoine Goods “ I would lay out too. Easy, just like that.”