Prom Theme to be “Casino”

Andrea Garcia, Web Editor and Reporter

Prom is taking place on Saturday May 13 at the Casa Vertigo in Downtown Los Angeles. The building is an elegant Spanish Colonial Revival building that hosts many special events.

The theme is “Casino” which seniors voted for during an assembly in the West Gym months ago. The other themes were Under the Sea, Under the Stars and the Great Gatsby.   

“I’m planning on going to prom. I’m hoping that the theme of the prom won’t disappoint me,” said senior Krystal Garcia.

The decorations will reflect an upscale fancy casino with the colors champagne gold and navy blue.

“Champagne gold does not go with navy blue. It’s not aesthetically pleasing,” said senior Brenda Felipe.

Some seniors like the theme, while others voted for the other options and aren’t pleased with it.

“I don’t like the theme, I voted for the 20’s theme. I’m still going to go to prom though,” said senior Karen Morales.

“When I think of upscale fancy casino, it reminds me of Vegas and I don’t like Vegas. I’m not old enough for Vegas,” said senior John Evangelista.

Those who voted for the theme are excited to see how the location and decorations will look.

“I am excited about the casino theme because i’ve always wanted to wear a tux that resembled the James Bond feel and give me that classy look. It makes me feel bad a**,” said senior Ryan Cano-Williams.

Students are already starting to think about renting limos and cars that will take them to the event.

“I plan on renting a luxury car to take me and my date to prom,” said senior Jagdeep Singh.

Some seniors are planning on getting a ride together to prom.

“I’m planning on getting a ride with Jagdeep to prom because I can’t drive,” said senior Renan Martinez.

The student council and Class of 2017 are in charge of planning the prom event.

“I guess the theme is fine because I trust that Class of 2017 can make it look good,” said senior Mario Reynoso.