Boys Tennis

Erick Martinez, Reporter

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The boys tennis team started their season early March with 10 boys on varsity and seven boys on junior varsity.

They practice two hours on Monday Tuesday and Thursday on the tennis court. On Wednesdays and Fridays, they have their matches.

A sophomore, Timothy Fan, a member of the JV team, said that their coach Mr. Galley makes them work on their footwork and hitting.

“The practice helps me prepare for the matches, but I wish we had a longer pre-season,” said sophomore Koorosh Evagee, who’s on varsity.

Senior Raymond Sadeghi, who is also on varsity, feels the team has more potential but still needs to find its groove.

“I don’t play with much confidence and the team isn’t consistent,” said junior Lukas Olesinski, and James Gregorio and Evagee agreed.

Olesinski has been captain for two years now and is said to be the best player by other members of the team.

The tennis team’s biggest rivals are Palisades and University.

Everyone has the goal to go pass the second round of playoffs because that was the turning point for the team last year. If they pass the second round of playoffs, the team has a chance to move to city finals.

Evagee has another goal, which is to fill the role of the seniors leaving next year.

The last game before playoffs is on Friday April 7th against Westchester at Venice, so everyone is welcome to support the tennis team.