Softball is Knocked out of Second Round of Playoffs

JaNiece Calhoun, Sports Reporter

Reading Time: < 1 minute

Due to the team’s unfortunate loss on May 11, Venice was knocked out of the second round of playoffs by Banning High School and did not qualify for City Finals.

With Ashley Scott as catcher, Savannah Aguayo at first base, Erika Soto at second base , Destiny Reyes as short stop and Alejandra Ayala at third base, the game against Banning slowly progressed.

Chynna Garrett was able to catch three fly balls at right field along with Kayla Turner who caught four fly balls at center.

Throughout the game, the girls were able to get on base but were not able to stay on base because of strikeouts down the rest of the roster.

Though pitcher Tori Raygosa scored five strikeouts, the team was not able to gain its normal momentum.

With an ending score of 10-0, Venice’s season has come to an end, and for some players, it was the last time they will play softball as Gondoliers.

For seniors Erika Soto, Alejandra Ayala, Destiny Reyes and Kayla Turner, the feeling is bittersweet for they are excited to move on, but saddened to leave this chapter behind in high school.

“Softball has been my world for the past 14 years and has shaped me into the young woman I am today,” said Scott. “There might have been some problems on the team, but it never stopped us from succeeding.”

“It’s been a pleasure playing softball at Venice for the past four years,” said Soto.

Though no team is perfect, Venice softball has progressively become a family with a bond that was unmatched, according to four senior players.