Music Shaming


Alejandro Sanchez

Boy shaming a girl for the music she listens too

Sarah Rudolph, Opinion Reporter

You may not know that music shaming is a form of bullying. Music shaming is when a person is teased or judged for the music they listen to. Most people don’t think music shaming is a serious issue, but it is. Music shaming can be hurtful. Many people unknowingly music shame others. Some people may jokingly music shame with close friends. Music can represent who a person is, so by shaming their music choices, you are shaming who they are as a person.

Everyone has the right to listen to whatever type of music they please. Just because you like a certain song or music genre, doesn’t mean everyone else will or should. Every person should be able to enjoy music without being worried about getting backlash from others. Music should be enjoyable, not something to be embarrassed or judged for.

People often music shame people based on how they look. Rap music is sometimes stereotyped as music for mostly the African-American community. A white or non-black person might be shamed for listening to rap. Rap music is universal.

People often think that only teenage girls can be fans of pop boy bands. Males and females, no matter the age, can enjoy pop boy bands.

I myself have heard people be teased about the music they listen to. A friend of mine was teased for being a Taylor Swift fan. I have also heard of boys being teased for listening to pop music because pop music is “girly.” Next time you hear someone getting criticized for the music they like, you should speak up.