J.V Football

Tyree Davis, Sports Reporter

The boys J.V. football team kicks off the start this year with a record of 1-2-1. They tied a game with El Camino Real High School on Sept. 8 with the score of 2-2. The team won with a score of 28-22 on Sept. 7, against Arleta High School. In their most recent game against Paramount High School on Sept. 28, Venice lost with the ending score of 44-0, another loss was to Newbury Park High School with the ending score being 35-8. These were all preseason games.

Coach Moss has been coaching the J.V. football teams for 19 seasons here at Venice. When he started, there was a larger coaching staff, but those numbers dwindled and now there is just Moss and an assistant coach.

“ I just teach them the skills necessary to win and put them in the right place to make the right play whether it’s making the tackle or coverage that’ll lead to an interception,” said Coach Moss. “ We never give up even if the score is 32 to 0 or 24 to 0.”
J.V Captain Lynale Moore is an athlete that starts on both defense and offense. He starts on offense as running back and on defense he’s safety.

” I know I can contribute to the team as I continue to improve every day on the field,” said Moore, “ I think we can get better as a team as long as we push each other to get better and in the future I think we’re gonna be a excellent team. We just have to learn the plays, get stronger, have discipline and dedication in everything we do.”

Jaheem Jillette is another athlete that plays corner, safety and starting quarterback is confident in the team’s progress.

“ I play offense and defense because I know I can help us do better because we got some heat on this team,”said Jillette. “We got a lot of new people that have never played football before and this is all new to them so I have to kinda show them how to improve at their position which will make them better players like me.” The last game kicked off to a battle, but as the game progressed it became disappointing to watch as Paramount’s score gradually increased after back-to-back turnovers.