High School Kids Are Not Too Old to Dress Up.

Leslie Silva, Opinion Reporter

High schoolers are not too old to dress up for Halloween. Everyone should have the right to have fun and be creative. There is no age limit to have fun and you are never too old to do something you enjoy.

There is no handbook for Halloween restricting teenagers from dressing up for school, trick or treat or parties. Halloween is a holiday that everyone should be able to enjoy like any other.

Teenagers shouldn’t be ashamed of dressing up for Halloween because it’s a way of expressing themselves. It’s the only time of the year when high schoolers can act immature, wear clothes they would normally never wear around their peers, a day where everyone should have the right to enjoy the spooky costumes and be able to eat fun-sized candies.

Dress up even if you’re a teenager because it’s the only time you could bring your inner child out. Ignore the people who say that say you are being “childish “ or that say “you’re too old” and just be you and enjoy your Halloween.