Girls Tennis


Sebastien Balembois, Sports Editor

The girls’ tennis team is off to a perfect start this season. The team’s current overall record is 4-1. Last season’s overall record was 6-6.
Venice gave up a good fight in its most recent against Palisades game losing the contest by a score of 2-5 in the team’s only loss to date.
Their next home game is against LACES on Oct 12.
Captain Claire Combredet is confident that this year can be the best in a while for the girls’ tennis team .
Combredet believes they have a solid team this year due to all the new players which means that they have a good shot at qualifying for CIFs and doing well. The addition of two nationally ranked players Mae Canete and Christine Canete will also give them a big advantage over bigger rivals such as Pali.
About being captain, Combredet says “It’s really rewarding for me to be able to help out other team members and watch their progress while on the team. Also, I love getting to know all of the different players and making sure everyone gets along.”