Computer Science Class

Julissa Ventureno, Features Reporter/Photographer

Venice High provides computer science classes for all students. Computer Science is the study of computers and computer designs, software, hardware, and applications.

The STEMM magnet offers an AP Computer Science Principles class which is a part of the magnet’s engineering curriculum taught by Mr. Brent Rojo.

“Everyone should take this class,” said Salvador Modina, a junior in Mr.Rojo’s class. “You learn something that you wouldn’t normally learn.”

The Media, Arts, and Technology Academy offers Exploration of Computer Science, which was introduced just last year, for ninth graders. This is an introductory class. The Media academy also offers Computer Science Principles for tenth graders. For eleventh graders, AP Computer Science is available. These classes are taught by Ms. Lisa Thorne, Mr. Robin Hunt, and Mr. Mokonen Tesfom. The Media academy allows any student, even if not in their academy, to take their computer science classes.

“I recommend this class to students because it introduces students to computers in a classroom setting,” said Ms. Ruth Greene.

Although these classes may be taught by different teachers, they all essentially study computers, computer designs, software, hardware, coding, etc. Current and former students from each class have enjoyed learning about a topic that will truly help them in this era that revolves around technology.