Girls Tennis Team Clinches Playoff Berth

Sebastien Balembois, Sports Reporter

The girls’ tennis just finished a very strong season. The team’s overall regular season record was 9-3.

Venice won two of the last three games, bagelling (winning by a score of 7-0) both Hamilton and Westchester, while losing to Palisades 5-2.

The team’s first playoff game will be Nov 3 against
This has been a great season for the team thanks in large part to their mentality.

When asked about her team’s work ethic captain, Claire Combredet said “for playoffs, we are practicing our baseline hits, doing a lot of footwork, and working with the ball machine. We are staying in the game mindset.”

About the team, Combredet said “I love the energy we have during games and how we use it to support each other. There is always a sense of excitement and apprehension before every game.”