Girls Varsity Volleyball

Kylon Wade

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This season the girls varsity volleyball team has lot of amazing players. The girls are working very hard to defend the CIty Division 1 championship. Our biggest rivals is Palisades high school and it’s a huge great competitve game to remember. The previous 5 scores for the last schools we played were Palisades that was played on oct. 2, which the score was Venice 0, Palisades 3. Palisades took the victory. sept. 28, Westchester 0 Venice 3. Venice took the victory. sept. 25 ,Hamilton 0 Venice 3. Venice took the victory. Sept.18, Los Angeles CES 0 Venice 3. Venice took the victory. sept. 14, Fairfax 0 venice 3. Venice took the victory.
“We are in the middle of the league play and that our goal is to defend our championship,” said Coach Allen Hunt. “The volleyball players are close and that helps improve the sportsmanship with one another. Each girl contributes their own two cents to this amazing team.”
“At the beginning of the season, we had lost a lot of our strong seniors from last year,” Maddy Reiner, an amazing player, is a teammate of the varsity volleyball team. “However we have to work hard to prove that we deserve a banner this year. We started the season knowing that we were going to struggle a little. We have all grown to love each other and every girl brings individuality and a special talent to the team.”
I love seeing how we have grown and continue to build a strong team.
Maddy- “ I learned that when i found something i enjoy that other people have in common it’s a great place to meet people and create friendships that last forever. Also my coaches aren’t just coaches they are mentors and have taught me life lessons. Volleyball has taught me perseverance and how to be an athlete, even when i don’t want to play or when i also am sore from hell week, i still have to play which has made me push myself to be stronger not only physically but mentally as well. I know that i have people that i can say hi to in the halls but also people who are there for me when i’m going through rough times. We support each other on and off the court and i have love for everyone in that gym”. You have amazing team players such as Reiner who achieve the goal of excellence.
“All athletics are
community driven participating in boosters and clubs so that help from the community is available.