Boys Varsity Basketball off to a Rough Start

Kylon Wade, Sports Reporter

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The boys basketball team started the fall season with a shaky start. The Venice basketball team played three games this season against Fairfax, Santa Monica and Washington Prep. Unfortunately Venice lost all three games that were played. Right now Venice is 0-3 for their games that were played. The scores were Santa Monica 64-32 ;Washington Prep 59-38 ; Fairfax 69-32.

“It does not necessarily means that we are off to a bad start in fact it makes us want to challenge ourselves to make it up by winning the next games, and our goal is to be ranked 10 before the playoffs.” said Coach David Galley.
Fairfax being their biggest rival Venice encourages the teammates to be better and bring their A game next time.

“We as a team will start taking practice more seriously and i will encourage my teammates to strive and bring more energy.” Said varsity captain Nnaemeka Nwiwu.
“I will personally help the team up because I bring a positive vibe to the teaming causing it to reflect and rub off on others boosting the team.” Said Nwiwu.
Not only is Nwiwu the captain of the team but he was also named the “Player Of The Game” for the game at Fairfax on Nov 17. Terrance Washington is also the team captain for Venice’s Varsity Basketball team.

“Its good feeling dictating pace and setting examples as a captain and i try to benefit the team by putting my all on the court and keeping everyone’s heads up.” Said Washington.
Last season the team lost a multiple amount of games but their are new players this year and could make the team head to playoffs!!