Varsity Football Spotlights

Tekedrian Veal, Brycen Tremayne & Dion Moore

Tyree Davis, Sports Reporter

Football season has come to an end and the Oarsman has taken time to interview three of Venice’s top players. They were asked a series of questions about their last season of football at Venice High School as well as their future in the sport.

Emily Salazar
#9, Tekedrian Veal

Tekedrian Veal played outside linebacker this season and is #9. He is known for his ability to come downhill and lay the boom on ball carriers.
“It takes a lot of hard work and confidence,” said Veal. “ If you have lack concentration and determination you may not have what it takes to succeed at the varsity level. I’m a team player, so it mean a lot for me to go out with my teammates, who I consider my brothers, and play to win.”
“I enjoyed playing linebacker this year as it showed my athleticism and I helped a lot with the tackles and sacks I had which were part of our defense’s success. It feels good to get a win with your teammates especially in big games. I plan on playing at the college level to make a name for myself.”

Emily Salazar
#1, Brycen Tremayne

Brycen Tremayne played as a wide receiver this season and is #1. He is also 6 feet, 3 inches, the tallest receiver on the team.
“It takes skill and speed to compete at the varsity level,” said Tremayne. “I run routes designed to get me open, then I catch the ball and score a lot which involves me mossing people a lot. Football is life, something that I have always liked since Pop Warner and I’m really good at. After high school I look forward to playing for a Division 1 team in the near future.”


Emily Salazar
#3, Dion Moore

The person responsible for throwing the ball to Tremaine is Dion Moore #3, the starting quarterback for Venice High. When you need someone to take charge and score, Moore is the playmaker on offense just as Veal is the playmaker on defense.

“Working hard and staying focused is key to playing on the varsity level,” said Moore. “Being quarterback is a big part of the team and I had to make good decisions and stay calm or we’ll end up with a loss. I contribute to the team’s success by passing the ball to our best players and running when necessary.”
“Football means a lot to me because I love playing the sport and the bonds made between teammates are worth it. They’re like my brothers. I want to continue my career at the collegiate level and as a student athlete.”