Culinary Arts and Baking Class

AracellyCotrina, Opinion Reporter

At the beginning of this semester a class named “Culinary Arts and Baking” was introduced to students as an elective class.

Last semester this class was called “Event Planning”. It is the same class, but this time they incorporated baking.

The teacher Ms. Angela Hughes has worked in restaurants since she was 20. She has done everything from management to waitressing to bartending. She decided to become a teacher because students should have the power to choose what they eat and to choose what they do with their money. The biggest issue is funding for the class but they are currently working on it.

The class consists of cooking in class, gardening and doing projects.
At the end of last semester, students weren’t allowed to go into the classroom because of a gas leak. The classroom, Room 220 is equipped with ovens, stoves, and refrigerators. So as a result, students spent their class time in the garden and the library.

Students would go to the garden and cultivated fruits and vegetables such as peas, broccoli, spinach and strawberries. They got to choose what seeds they wanted to plant and throughout the semester they went outside to water the plants and to weed. The goal is to use the fruits and vegetables in cooking recipes.
“I like this class because it teaches us the fundamentals of gardening on our own and safely preparing food,” said Senior Trinity Montoya.

Currently students are able to be in the cooking classroom and the garden, they’re starting to plant new things in their plots. Students hope that they can cook and bake more in the future.