Mr. Johnson’s Solar Boat

Yume Kamal, News Reporter

This is the third year math and engineering teacher Stanley Johnson has sponsored a team in Solar Cup, the largest solar boat building competition. This program begins in November and ends when the competition starts in May. Hundreds of students from Southern California will gather together for in Lake Skinner, Temecula for three days racing these solar-powered boats.

Johnson and the students have four more months to finish up the solar-powered boat they had to build from scratch. The boat is now being finished up in Shop 8, they are now in the process of painting, then putting in the electrical components.

“Solar Cup is a really great opportunity for students to get their hands dirty.” said junior Aidan Yoo, who has been helping with the solar boat since the beginning of November.
“We all work really hard as a team to make sure that our boat is ready to race in May. We are a big family and have lots of fun.”

The time and learning how to do it all is the most stressful, stated Johnson. “It really is real world engineering.”