ASB Plans for Semester

Bryce Rodriguez , Editor-in-Chief

The Associated Student Body is organizing a movie night, Valentine’s Day events, and another blood drive.
ASB is very excited to launch the very first Venice High School movie night, according to ASB President Shara Wade. At this event, they would project a movie on campus and sell a variety of snacks.

For Valentine’s Day, ASB is going to chaperon students to walk down the aisle and marry one of their best friends or significant other.

ASB is planning to have another blood drive on Feb. 22. They held a blood drive last semester. They gave out t-shirts, snacks, and stickers to every person who gave blood.

“I feel the students need to be more excited about school events and get involved so they can keep a positive outlook on school,” said Wade.

The biggest challenge as an ASB member is getting students more involved with school activities like pep rallies, homecoming dances, and Valentine’s Day events, according to Wade.