What Are You Doing for Spring Break?

Question Man

Julissa Ventureno, Esdras Melgar, and Aailyah Apilado

Mya Gates, Features Reporter

Reading Time: 2 minutes

For this issue, the Oarsman focused on asking staff and students about their plans for spring break, which is one week long. The Oarsman also asked if they thought spring break should be longer. Here’s what they said!

Mireya Curiel
Senior Maddy Reiner

Maddy Reiner, 12th Grade: Over spring break I’ll be doing homework and volleyball practice, and then I’ll hang out with friends. I’m excited to sleep in and not go to school. I also don’t think it [spring break] should be longer because I want to get school over with and out of they way.

Mya Gates
Dean Wayne Lewis

Mr. Lewis, Dean of students: For spring break, I’ll be going out of the country, by myself, to Jomtien, Thailand to buy property! It’s really beautiful and right on the beach. I’m quite excited. I think any additional time off, is always a plus.

Mya Gates
Junior Ty Martinez

Ty Martinez, 11th Grade: I’m going on a camping trip with Just Keep Living Foundation (JKL) for three days at a camp. Yeah, I’m excited. It’s pretty dope. Of course spring break should be longer because I’m a student and I need long breaks to recover after a lot of school work!

Mya Gates
Sophomore Luke Titan

Luke Titan, 10th Grade: I’m going to Sequoia National Park for half of the week with my dad. I’m excited for one-on-one time with my dad. I’m an outdoorsman, so I really enjoy hiking, especially in the snow. I prefer just a week better than more because the shorter the spring break, the longer summer we have.

Mireya Curiel
Senior Valerie Cruz

Valerie Cruz, 12th Grade: I’m actually going out of town to Simi Valley just for vacation. I’m excited because I like spending time in hotels. Yes, I think spring break should definitely be longer because a week is not enough to relax. You don’t have time to go on a real vacation — like to Hawaii. You’d need to miss school for a real break.