Swim Team Doing What They do Best

Sebastien Balembois, Sports Reporter

Reading Time: < 1 minute

The season has been successful so far for the swim team.  Both girls’ and boys’ varsity have cruised through the season with their only losses coming against Palisades High School. Their most recent win was at home against University High School where Venice girls won easily and the boys won with almost half their team inactive.  Highlights of the meet were senior Alli Hopkins and junior Ella Fletcher placing first and second respectively for the 100-meter freestyle, Vivian Park, Natalie Martinez, Sanam Viliani and Anne Combredet placing first in the 400-meter freestyle relay and Colin Chun placing first for the 50-meter freestyle.

“Everyone is improving in the water, and our work on technique and speed has really paid off have specifically helped,” said senior and boys varsity captain Colin Chun.

Chun has been swimming for six years when he started out with club and has continued swimming since then.

When asked about the competitiveness of the team on the road senior and varsity girls’ captain Alli Hopkins said “We always have a lot of fun on the bus, which makes for a great bonding experience and we’re all pretty close which makes it more fun.” Hopkins has been swimming with club for 10 years.