Star Softball Players Lead Team to Success

Guadalupe Aquino, Asst. Sports Editor

The Venice varsity softball team ended their season in the CIF City Section Playoffs on May 19. Unfortunately they lost to Cleveland High School with a score of 4-0.

Despite the loss, the softball team had still claimed the title of Western League Champions. They ended their league games with an outstanding record of 11-1. They went on to the playoff rounds with their first game being against Birmingham High School on May 14, which resulted in a win with a score of 10-0.

The team couldn’t have won without playing well together as a team according to coach Tizoc Campos. Pitcher Victoria Raygosa, first baseman Savana Aguayo, and third baseman Destiny Reyes are three specific players who have lead their team to success. These standout players are advancing in the game of softball.

Emily Salazar
Victoria Tori Raygosa, number 2, getting ready to run towards 3rd base

They said they couldn’t have done this without the help from their coaches Campos and assistant Milana Casillas.

“They both have given us the momentum and energy to pump ourselves up on and off the field,” said Raygosa. “They motivate us to strive and win.”

Senior pitcher Raygosa is one of the many players who has helped the team get far. As a senior, she is hoping to get even further into the championships as this is her last year.

“ We’re trying to go all out,” said Raygosa. “We’re trying to make it as far as we can into the competition.”

As Raygosa’s senior year ends, she is planning to attend San Diego State University to continue playing softball.

“I am going to possibly walk on as an incoming freshman,” said Raygosa.

Senior first baseman Aguayo is another outstanding player who has lead her team farther into the competition. She has stepped up to motivate her team to improve their performance on the field.

Emily Salazar
Savanna Aguayo, number 15, swinging bat

“I’ve been pushing everyone to do the best they can cause I know they are the best ever,” said Aguayo. “I mean we won Western League. I’m continuing to just play first with my heart on the field.”

As the school year ends, Aguayo is also planning to attend either Santa Monica College or California State University Northridge to continue playing the sport she loves.

Aguayo said she is going to watch the teams at the colleges to decide where she is going.

Last but not least is senior third baseman Reyes. As a team captain, she had to step out of her comfort zone to help her team get far in the competition.

Emily Salazar
Destiny Reyes, number 3, runs towards 3rd base

“I’m a pretty quiet person and my biggest challenge was stepping up as a captain,” said Reyes. “I had to really motivate my team and step up as a leader, especially for the younger players.”

Although this was a challenge she had to face, this did not stop her from helping her team throughout the games. She said that she was a source to her teammates when they needed help with any part of the game.

Reyes’s biggest impact was from her coaches who helped her become the player that she is today.

“Not only did they help me better my skills physically but they’ve also pushed me mentally,” said Reyes. “ They saw my potential as a player and never gave up on me.”