Soccer Team Loses Their Coach

Mariana Salinas, Reporter

Reading Time: < 1 minute

The girls varsity soccer team’s coach of three years, Jose Palomares, is no longer at Venice High School. Five weeks into the new school year, the girls soccer team found out that Palomares was no longer going to be able to coach the 2018-2019 season.

With a new coach, the girls are going to face many new challenges. The team doesn’t know when practices will begin because they don’t have a coach. Not only will the team need adjust to a new coach, but the coach will also have to adjust to the team. The girls will have to adapt in a small period of time to the new game plans, warmups and coaching style that are going to be brought to the team.

Many returning varsity members will have trouble because they’ve been in the same environment with Palomares for the past two to three years. The new incoming varsity members will have an easier time adapting to a new coach.

¨I personally know I’ll struggle with having a new coach because I came in freshman year on varsity when he came in so he really took me under his wing and has coached me for the past three years,” said senior Keila Medina.