Star Soccer Player Joins Football


Elisa Martinez

Thiha walks onto the field moments before the game.

Guadalupe Aquino, Editor

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Star soccer-player-turned-football-player Naing Thiha has proved to be a strong asset to the Venice varsity football team this year. On Aug. 30, the Venice football team played against Arleta High School where they won 56-15. Here Thiha made an important tackle that stopped a touchdown.

“He got him on the ground and did his job,” said varsity coach Angelo Gasca.

With no background in football, Thiha has adjusted well to a new sport. Thiha has played soccer since he was six years old. He also found the game of football to be an intense one. By joining the football team as a kicker, he’s able to bring together all his talents. So far , Thiha has had an almost perfect season. He unfortunately missed a point on Sep. 28 against Hamilton High School, breaking his streak 26-27.

“People come all the time and say they want to play football and you never see them again,” said Coach Gasca. “He kept showing up, so I figured this guy is serious and you could definitely tell he could kick the ball.”

Not only did Thiha have to make an adjustment to a new sport, but he also had to make adjustments to new teammates.

“He’s a good person and fits in with the guys on the team,” said Coach Gasca. “He’s a very talented kicker and we love him.”

By joining a new team Thiha has made new friends who he never expected to be friends with.

“I feel like I have more friends now,” said Thiha. “I used to have just soccer friends and now I know more people.”

According to Gasca, Thiha is finally understanding what football is all about and he continues to improve every day.