Homecoming Dance is a Midsummer Night’s Dream

Alicia Valenciana, Editor-in-Chief

Venice High students enjoyed this year’s Homecoming dance, from the dancing to the beautiful decorations.

The dance occurred on Saturday, Oct. 13 in Venice High’s West Gym from 7:00-10:30 pm.

ASB Leadership sold over 400 tickets, according to ASB Leadership teacher Ms. Angela Fajardo.

Prior to the dance, students were able to request certain songs to hear at the dance. ASB Leadership passed out slips for students to fill out during their second period.

“There was a wide variety of music being played and I think that made it kind of fun for everyone,” said senior Anias Camarillo. “No one was left out. Everyone had a chance to dance to different types of music.”

Several ASB Leadership students were responsible for the decorations in the West Gym. These students stayed late the night before the dance in order to hang up all of the decorations.

The theme for the dance was “A Midsummer Night’s Dream.”

The Homecoming Court was announced during the dance, including Homecoming Queen Kenia Valenzuela and King Jaylyn Harrison. The court was selected based on merit by members of the Venice High School Alumni Association. The court was also presented during the Homecoming game on Friday, Oct. 19.

“Being part of Homecoming Court was definitely surprising, especially when I found out some girls with academic success and piles of extracurriculars signed up, I didn’t believe I would get the crown,” said Valenzuela. “But being Queen was definitely a surprise and an honor. It made me feel like a good role model since I was chosen for what I’ve done and not popularity.”

At the dance, students were able to purchase a slice of pepperoni pizza for $2 or a slice of cheese pizza for $1. Drinks and other snacks were also available for purchase.

ASB Leadership arranged for CFP Studio to hold a photo booth at the dance, where students could pay $5 for photos. Many enjoyed being able to capture themselves at the dance and make memories.

Tickets were sold for $10 on presale from Thursday, Sept. 27 until Tuesday, Oct. 2.  

“I had fun,” said senior Meleane Sutherland. “I was with all of my friends and we were just kind of doing our own thing at the dance.”

“It was better than the other three I went to,” said Recardo Conliffe. “Everyone was more into it and didn’t care what people had to say.”