Girls Soccer Spotlight


Provided by Victoria Corpuz

Captains Keila Medina (left) and Victoria Corpuz (right) celebrate senior night after a win.

Jack Wiener, Sports Reporter

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The two captains of the girls soccer team, Victoria Corpuz and Keila Medina, are doing everything they can to get the team into a high playoff ranking. In their final season, these seniors are putting on a show, combining for 15 goals.

Corpuz and Medina have both played soccer their entire lives. They have learned a lot about the game and what it takes to be successful. Along with being a captain, being a senior has helped Medina guide some of the younger players to develop into better players.

“I have been playing for almost 15 years now, so I think I’m pretty experienced,” said Medina. “This team has a lot of talent and they just need somebody to care and somebody who they know will be with them and understands them.” Medina plays forward for the girls team and has scored 11 goals this season.

Playing soccer her whole life, Corpuz has thought about playing in college. Some scouts have talked to her, but she is more focused on doing well in college.

“I think I’m better off sticking to school,” said Corpuz. “Maybe intramurals or club, but that’s it.” Corpuz plays mostly defense but plays other positions on the field.  

Head coach Chaka Forman had some great things to say about the seniors.

“Tori and Keila are both hard workers and provide great leadership to the younger girls,” said Forman. “I will miss their energy, commitment, and enthusiasm.”

Soccer has affected both girls on a deep level. It has been a part of their lives for as long as they can remember. They have made countless friends and will never forget what soccer brought to them.