Girls’ Soccer Team Wins First Ever City Championship


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Varsity girls soccer team win Division 5 championships.

Mariana Salinas, Reporter

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For the first time in Venice High School history, the girls soccer team claimed the title of Division V City Champions. Led by head coach Chaka Forman, the girls varsity soccer team won the CIF championship game on Feb. 23 against MACES 1-0.

This win earned them a spot in the CIF Regional Girls Soccer Championships where they played Arvin High School on Feb. 26, resulting in an unfortunate loss that came down to penalty kicks. Regulation time ended 0-0 and penalty kicks were 4-2.

Despite their upsetting loss, the girls still managed to achieve their goal to win a city title. Last year, the girls soccer team didn’t make it to the CIF Playoffs.

“This season is an example on how to become a united front for a common goal,” said Coach Forman, who started coaching the team this year. “When we first gathered in November, it was a splintered group and no one expected us to be playing soccer in late February.”

Improving the soccer program in less than a year’s time, coach Forman managed to make this season memorable for all, especially the four-year varsity seniors who have had rough seasons in the past.

“These last three years have been really hard and frustrating,” said varsity captain Keila Medina. “I’m glad I got to pave a path for the younger girls on my team but it’s bittersweet because I won’t be here for the good things to come.” Medina scored the game-winning goal in the city championship game.

The girls soccer team has made a big improvement and have proved many wrong.

“I am deeply proud of how we have come together as a tribe,” said coach Forman.