Girls’ Tennis Looks to Improve From Last Season

Hiromi Maeda, Reporter

       With their 2-10 record from last season, will the varsity girls tennis team be ready to make a comeback this year? After coaching Brentwood High School for 12 years and establishing his own tennis business called Marina Tennis, Andrew Horen has just become Venice’s new varsity coach. 

       “Tennis is one of the sports like any sport, that includes a lot of repetition so the more balls these girls can hit, the more they will be able to improve their skills,” said Coach Horen.

       Varsity players Mae Canete (class of 2020) and Inah Canete (class of 2021) said they feel confident and excited about what their new coach has to offer.

        “I think the coach is definitely great for all of the players, said Mae Canete. “He definitely uses all of the players and draws out their tennis ability and tries to improve it, especially to those who are new to the team.”

       The Canete sisters are especially eager to see what their new coach has to offer and hear his suggestions on how they can defeat certain schools they go up against. “We’re practicing at least twice a week and making sure we’re getting the grind in and working hard so that way when we play matches, we can kick some butts,” said Mae Canete. Her sister added “ especially certain schools we are targeting for… mostly Pali. ”   

       The Venice girls varsity team plays their first home game against Hamilton High School at Mark Twain Middle School on Sept. 19 at 2:30 p.m.