Girls Volleyball Team off to a Strong Start

Edryan Calderon, reporter

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           As the new season begins, the varsity volleyball team is looking forward to overcoming any challenges presented to them in order to succeed. As expectations for the team grows, so will their chemistry and unity which will allow them to win. 

           After finishing last year’s season with a record of 9-2 and making it to the playoffs, this season’s team is looking to achieve more than what was accomplished last year. Especially the seniors on the team, who are looking to make one last run in their high school careers. Their road ahead won’t be easy, as a lack of tall players holds back the offensive capabilities of the team.

           Even after receiving their first loss against Carson High on Aug. 29, the varsity is still looking to fight hard throughout the year. 

“Since the majority of us are seniors, we are all motivated to do our best this year,” said Kyryll Edz, a varsity player who is encouraged to make her last year with her team successful while trying her best. But it’s not only her. She said the whole team is looking to make up for that loss and finish the season strong.

          The next home game for the girls’ volleyball team is on Sept. 18 at 4:30 p.m. 

against Eagle Rock High.