Varsity Volleyball Captain Jacelin Mckie

Isaac Ng, Reporter

Having played all four years on varsity for Venice, senior captain Jacelin McKie plays right side/opposite for the girls varsity volleyball team. Standing at 5’7, she holds a current California ranking of 422 and a national ranking of 4,481. 

However, it wasn’t always easy for the 17-year-old, as she has dealt with injuries in the past that kept her sidelined for months. But here she is, enjoying her last year of high school and preparing to move on to college and pursue her dreams. 


Describe how you started playing volleyball. 


“Volleyball was a family sport, so I just naturally grew up into the sport. However, it was like a realization for me, because I also played other sports like basketball and track. But when I started playing volleyball, I realized that it was the only sport I wanted to play. And I started playing competitively when I was 7.”


What’s your mentality whenever you step on the court?


“Mostly, I am just focused on the team and ensuring that every single one of my teammates is involved and that we’re focused and doing our best every time.”


What’s your favorite part about playing volleyball?

“My favorite part is the fact that volleyball is truly a team sport. I love having to play and work to build relationships with my teammates in order to better our success together on the court.”


What’s your most memorable moment playing volleyball?


“My most memorable moment was winning our first state playoff game and advancing into the second round of states’. This is the farthest the volleyball program at Venice has gotten.”


Was there a time when you were prevented from playing?


“For the past two seasons in a row, I’ve sprained my ankle at the beginning of the season. But I try my best to not let that prevent me from playing. And it helped me focus on my impact on the team off the court.”


What expectations do you have for yourself?


“None really. I just want to enjoy my last year of high school volleyball with my girls.”


What do you enjoy doing outside of volleyball?


“I enjoy hanging out with my friends and baking.”


What are you planning on doing after graduating from high school?


“Since UC Santa Cruz is a D3 athletic university, it is my best option for playing collegiate sports and continue focussing on my education. There, I want to study psychology, hopefully play volleyball for their program, and enjoy my time there.”