Girls’ Volleyball Finishes Season Strong

Edryan Calderon, Reporter

Reading Time: 1 minute

     Following a win against San Pedro High School Nov. 5 in semi-finals,  the girls varsity volleyball team is headed into the finals Nov. 9, ready to face Chatsworth High School and win a championship. The team beat San Pedro High School in three out of four sets.

     Now the Gondos prepare to face their last obstacle in order to win it all in the playoffs, as well as finish with a sweet ending for the senior players, who have played throughout their high school years. As well as establishing a winning record  in the regular season, the team gained motivation and momentum that has helped the Gondos get closer to their end goal.

      After defeating Westchester Oct. 14, the Gondoliers finished with a record of 10-3, only losing to elite competition such as University High School and Palisades High School, who only narrowly beat the Gondos in their previous engagement. It was the loss to Palisades that prevented the Gondos from having a nine-game winning streak. But this has motivated the players to continue to persevere through the up-and-coming challenges. 

     “From the short time I have been with Venice volleyball, I have gotten better technique-wise but also learned how to be a good teammate,” said Biko Hollie, a varsity freshman who has proven herself playing alongside her fellow senior teammates and looks to show off the experience she has gathered.

     “As for the playoffs, I’m super nervous but very excited,” said Hollie, who prepares herself for her first off-season with her older teammates.

     Following the end of their season, Coach Allen Hunt  was worried about the challenge of facing tough competition that the play-offs represent after not playing for over a week, but his worries proved unfounded.