Cross Country Team Wraps up Season with a run Towards State Finals


Hiromi Maeda

Varsity boys cross country.

Hiromi Maeda, Staff Writer

With three weeks left until the state finals, the boys and girls varsity cross country teams continue to work hard on each of their races. Coach Sandoval’s encouraging speeches and motivational lessons have continued to push the team to remain focused, and they will find out if they qualify for state finals at the upcoming city prelims.  

“He continues to prepare us mentally and physically about how we have to stay strong and stay united during races and workouts,” said varsity runner Juan Hernandez. 

Some of the runners on the team said they are prepared to put in their all to qualify for state. The boys team made history last year when they won a city title and advanced to the state finals. The varsity girls are especially driven to make it this season. After varsity captain Andrea Gallardo made it to state last year, she became inspired to help her fellow girls achieve the same. 

“We watch motivational movies,” said Gallardo,  “and I try to remind them every day that if we got third place last year, we can win this year. It’s not impossible. I know we are so capable of doing that. And since we practice every day, including weekends, we will be especially ready for finals.”

Even if varsity cross country doesn’t make it state this year, many members of the team are grateful to be part of a team they can call a family. Especially as the season comes to a close for many of the seniors. Ian Peterson said they are very thankful for all of the memories that they have made. 

“It’s been a beautiful experience, one of the most memorable experiences I’ve had so far at Venice High School and in the cross country program,” said varsity runner Emmanuel Cadena.