Class of 2020 Prom Update

Maryssa Rodriguez, News Editor

Members of the senior class were in shock last month when they learned that there were fewer tickets to Prom than there are seniors.  However, the issue of there not being tickets to cover the entirety of the senior class is not a problem, according to senior class sponsor Cristobal Vicente.

This year’s 2020 Prom will be held at the USC building in Downtown LA. This venue was booked based on the statistics of how many students have gone to prom in previous years.  

“Last year, we had less than 300 students attend,” said Mr. Vicente. “As such, we have booked a venue that will offer an exciting prom that will fit the projected needs of our school. If students are concerned that they will not be able to get a ticket, it is in their best interest to buy the package this year so they can get a ticket as soon as it is available.”

There are 370 tickets available for purchase for the 2020 prom. In previous years, Venice High School has been pressed to get at least 350 students to attend prom. Last school year, there were less than 300 students that actually attended prom.  

  The package for seniors to get their Prom tickets is available for purchase at the price of $170, with the prom ticket being $100 instead of the regular price at $115. This package is available for seniors to purchase until Dec. 13 at the Student Store.

Mr. Vicente wants seniors to know that prom tickets aren’t transferable or refundable. Also, anyone purchasing a prom ticket should make sure they remain eligible to participate by not having too many absences.