Lyle Yoergler


Kayla leon

Lyle speaks to interviewers during lunch

Lyle Yoergler, Senior

How has your senior year been so far? 

It’s been fine, a little bit stressful dealing with AP classes that I’m generally not used to, but other than that it’s been alright.

What’s one of your goals in high school? 

To finish strong, and to try and get the best possible GPA that I can get.

What are your plans after high school? 

Going to college or University, and pursuing an education and trying to find an occupation. 

What has been  your happiest moment in high school so far?

A happy moment was when I got appointed as Captain for the boy’s tennis team. That was a really happy moment. I was very excited to lead the team and be a good example for my teammates. 

Are there any struggles you have been facing during your senior year?

In July I lost my uncle to suicide; that has been my main struggle, having to cope wth it and accept it. 

How have you been coping with his death? 

I’ve just been taking it day by day, seeing a therapist, and trying to find acceptance that he’s no longer around. I have to keep him in my heart. 

Do you think it has affected your personality? 

Yes. After my uncle’s death, I felt flat in a way and it changed me for sure. In everyday occurrences, my mood and tone of voice changed and in some days it just did not have any expression at all, on some days I couldn’t express my feelings. 

What are the things that you do to make your day better? 

Stepping out on the Tennis court is always fun, and hanging out with friends really helps me with my day.

Are you satisfied with who you are right now? 

In a way, yes, because I have supportive friends who help me and make me happier, and in a way, no, because my personal struggles have brought me down and it’s been hard to tackle them so it’s changed my personality. So yeah, I am struggling.

When you are struggling, what are ways that you look for help? 

Usually I go to friends, and although now I’m going to see a therapist, usually I express myself with my friends.

When you are struggling, what are ways that you push forward?

I took the next step by getting help and getting therapy and just staying on top of my schoolwork and persevering. Whether it’s in tennis or school I just try my best to push forward and to get rid of the negative thoughts.

Personally outside of school, what are ways that you get help? 

  My family and friends to help me cope with my uncle’s death, and things have definitely been better. Without my friends and family I would be lost.

What are some everyday struggles since coping with your uncle’s death? 

The daily struggle is the constant reminders that remind me of him, and that he’s not a call or text away. Now that it’s pro baseball season, he’s not here to talk about it with me. I wear a skull ring, not for fashion, but to remind me of him, and everytime I look at the ring it shows me that he is here with me. 

What was the best advice that your Uncle gave you? 

To keep pursuing my passions and being happy and successful with my life.

What advice would you give to other students? 

No matter what difficulties and challenges you may face, learn to try to come to accept it, and keep pushing forward and remaining strong, no matter where you come from and how bad or good it is for you. Everyone has their story and the strongest people are the ones who overcome obstacles, and my advice is to push through those obstacles.