PhotoVoice UCLA

Kayla Leon

This year’s PhotoVoice program held its first pop-up gallery on Nov. 22 in the Media Building during lunch, featuring selected work from the students. Many students and Venice High staff stopped by to admire the artists’ work. 

This big event allowed the student photographers who are a part of the program to have their work reach a wider audience. 

“I was excited to see some of my work featured at the exhibition,” said student Julie Gonzalez, who had her photos exhibited. 

 For 10 weeks, these participants in the program have taken numerous photos on campus during the weekly PhotoVoice sessions. Their work was displayed first at the pop-up gallery, and then was displayed at the UCLA Arts building on Dec. 11 from 4-6 p.m. 

PhotoVoice is an afterschool program that focuses on photo narratives, while teaching the different techniques of utilizing analog and digital applications. It was brought by Ms. Ruth Greene and the Boys and Girls Club, but is provided by UCLA’s Visual and Performing Arts Education Program.

Students involved in this program have the opportunity to get hands-on experience with single lens reflex cameras while discovering and creating stories within their art.

 “I’ve learned many new things through Photovoice,” said Julian Martinez. “I’ve learned to use a camera, since I’ve never handled one before, and take pictures of things you wouldn’t normally take a picture of.” 

Teachers as well as students came out to support the student photographers at the pop-up gallery.

“I came out because I love to see what the art is like and support the students of Venice High,” said math teacher Michael Smith. “I believe art gives people the opportunity to express their feelings and photography is a good way to integrate that.”