Boys Cross Country Team And Andrea Gallardo win City Title


Hiromi Maeda

Venice Varsity Cross Country Runners

Cross Country head Coach Vidal Sandoval made history by leading both Varsity captain Andrea Gallardo and the varsity boys team towards their second consecutive city championship on Nov. 30th. After winning the Division ll title last year, the boys made history once again, beating out their rival school, Santee High School.  

Junior Juan Hernandez won the city finals three-mile run with a time of 15:45. Three other Venice runners finished in the top eight; junior Kaleb Macias, and seniors Henry Friedman and Emanuel Cadena.

“If felt incredible making it to the city as well as state because I’m not just running with a team but I was running with a family. It was such an unexplainable feeling, it wasn’t about the destination but the trip to the destination,” Cadena said. 

 Despite Varsity girls not making it to city finals, Varsity Captain Gallardo is very proud of the girls for trying their best and working as hard as they could. 

“ They did the best that they could and I’m super proud of them. Although we came in 5th place this year, our times were way better and we each hit our personal record. Although it wasn’t our best race it was still a great season. And even though I still made it to state, I represented them; they came with me and gave me the strength to finish strong so I’m really thankful for that. Also we did an extra race together, we went to regionals and did our last race together, ” she said.

After making it to city championships as well as partaking in state for a second year;  the varsity team is proud to finish the season with a team that they can call their family. 

Coach Sandoval said it was, “one of the greatest cross-country seasons of my career, I am totally proud of the girl’s team and Andrea and proud of the boy’s team for their second consecutive city championship and state participation. One of the greatest years we’ve had in cross-country.”  

Varsity Cross Country
Hiromi Maeda
Venice Varsity Cross Country Runners