Despite Obstacles, Girls Water polo Power Through

Mae Canete

The girls water polo team was off to a great start at the beginning of the season by beating Birmingham. The team members hope to repeat last year’s victory of qualifying for playoffs. They stand at 5 wins and 3 losses. The ending of their season has been complicated due to a hole in the roof of the pool building making it off limits for game use. 

On Feb. 3 the team was scheduled to play against University High School. However, the game got cancelled because both schools didn’t have a swimming site available. 

 Anne Combredt and Sofia Muro are captains of the team, guiding the players through multiple obstacles including not having a stable coach.

  “Our goals are to make playoffs with two more games we have, “ said Anne Combredt. “We are focused on mentoring the newcomers so they can rise as successors next season.”  Lucie Combredt is a freshman under the wing of her sister captain. 

“It’s good that Anne is my captain,” said Lucie Combredt. “ She keeps not only me focused, but the whole team.”

The team has no official coach and is mentored by a rotation of four individuals. Under their supervision, the team conditions daily. They normally practice every day with the exception of Tuesdays until 4 p.m. All aquatic sports share the same pool, making it crowded at times.

Unlike other spring sports that have lost their fields, construction has not affected the pool. However, December rains caused a piece of the roof to fall in, making the pool unusable to host games. The team is still allowed to practice in the pool despite the closure of a lane.

 All games must be away, but some schools such as University High School don’t have a pool which still serves as an ongoing issue. Members of the team usually end up being exhausted the day after a game because they always would arrive late from away games giving them little time for studies and homework, said Anne Combredt. Despite these challenges, the team knows that with spirit and motivation they have the oppurtinity to succeed, she added.