Annual Black History Month Assembly

Ashley Bueno, Reporter

The Black History Month assembly that took place Feb. 28 was an inspiring event that lifted everyone’s spirits. The assembly opened with Chaya Forman singing the Black National Anthem. 

“Black History Month is a time when we can recognize the richness of this community, a time when we can sort of reflect on the community that you know is around all the time, a month of reflection and recognition,” said Forman. Students clapped and cheered when she finished singing. Ms. Wendy Sarnoff, the choir teacher, played the guitar while Forman sang. 

The Poetry Club, the choir, the dance team, and Reggie Rig-Maiden performed. Poetry Club members recited a poem which the audience recited after them. Then the dance team performed their dance routine while the band played their music. After many cheers from the audience, Rig-Maiden was invited to sing.

 “I wish that our young people could go back to calling each other sister and brother, so that maybe that will evoke some more positiveness in our culture,” said Rig-Maiden. 

The choir sang ”Shosholoza,” “Poor Wayfaring Stranger” and “Keep Your Lamps” with the instruction of Ms.Sarnoff.

“I want the audience to understand that everyone has a voice… Live your life and grow, continue to learn, don’t stop what you’re doing because you’re doing amazing,” said Mya Edwards, a performer.

The assembly was organised by Black Student Union Co presidents Edwards and Alaina Fairley-Moore and other members of the BSU.

“A lot of effort was put into the assembly, it was our first year organizing something like this but it was totally worth it,” said Alaina Fairley-Moore.