Helping people travel the world!!!!

Helping people travel the world!!!!

Carlos Cymerman is a man whose obsession in life is to travel the world and help people fund their travels. Cymerman has traveled all the places he desired. He said through traveling, people could learn different cultures, languages, and music. He created a business, We Travel for Good, to accomplish this goal ( Cymerman is currently helping the Oarsman raise funds to attend the national journalism convention in Denver.

In his day job, Cymerman seeks out Venice, Santa Monica, and Los Angeles companies to hire him to find them employees. Cymerman finds specialized professionals to fill openings for corporations.

Cymerman said he will donate the fee that he collects from placing anyone through any Venice High contacts to the Oarsman for students to travel to Denver. He can be reached at [email protected].

His goal is to make the average person be able to travel. It is his passion to reward and help good people travel the world. Mark, his friend, asked him to fund a trip, while he was creating the travel company, and he was able to help Mark’s daughter travel to Europe.

Cymerman was born in Mexico and grew up in Israel. He learned Hebrew when he lived there. He speaks three languages: Spanish, Hebrew, and English.

“Hebrew is a great vibe to live in,” said Cymerman. “It also has a great education system. My father had to take classes to learn Hebrew. People think it is a holy country, but it’s really not.”

The favorite place Cymerman traveled was to Barcelona, Spain because he loved the Spanish food, and culture and he felt like he was at home.

He has interesting stories about his travels, like when he was in Brazil, he understood more Portuguese than when he traveled to Portugal.
Cymerman also narrated a story about a trip to Africa.

“I bought a new camera and I didn’t read the instructions,” he said, ”The next day I went on a safari and there was about 15 to 17 lions and lioness, and I took some beautiful pictures of them.” When his group went back to the hotel, he saw he had accidentally deleted all the photos.

“The guy that worked there saw me and knew I was in a melancholy mood,” said Cymerman. Plus that was the day he was scheduled to leave. “When we were driving to the airport, we saw a lion circling a lioness. My camera was in the trunk, so we backed up a little bit; I got my camera and came back. I waited 15 minutes just for the lions to enjoy each other’s company. That was the funniest thing that I saw.”

The lessons Cymerman learned through all of his travels is instead of taking everything personally, just make a laugh out of it and to remember the memories that you have made. He believes people should travel the world and enjoy life, because you only live once.