Interesting YouTube Videos

Interesting YouTube Videos

Destin Evans, Staff Writer

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Since we are in quarantine, people have been in the house with nothing to do. Quarantine has given people time to think about what they really want to do with their lives. When people are at home bored, most of them are connected to their devices, which is a perfect time for upcoming Youtubers or people who want to try Youtube as a hobby.

Youtube is a good platform to make money in the entertainment industry. Also, people just love to film and edit videos to see what people think. Maybe you want to build a fanbase for other hobbies such as music. Once you get started making YouTube videos, you won’t be able to stop, especially if you have an outgoing personality. 

In the Venice community, people have started YouTube channels to occupy themselves and maybe even take it seriously going forward after quarantine. 

“I started Youtube myself because I felt that I could be myself and just entertaining,” said senior Shawn Jackson known as IamSjayyy. “I can show people my personality and who I am and get paid for it eventually.”

Also in our Venice community , senior, Destin Evans, also has a YouTube channel. His Youtube channel name is Dezzo4k. Evans posts the latest trends, vlogs, and challenges. He started his channel on quarantine and he fell in love with Youtube because he gets to showcase his personality and music to his subscribers.

On YouTube, people make funny videos like pranks, reaction videos, skits, trying different challenges and more. People seem to enjoy YouTube and see success from other YouTubers like DDG. 

DDG is a well known YouTuber, The DDG Family, who now is making rap music also. DDG is from Michigan and moved to LA to prosper his YouTube and music career. DDG is successful and plenty of others are successful and make a great amount of income doing what they enjoy. 

 “I started my channel in the beginning of August. The reason I started one is because many people thought I was funny and outgoing,” said senior Jamelle Clayton, known as Jaay2Real on Youtube, who goes to Washington Preparatory High. “Doing YouTube videos also helps me get to know many people from different cities, states, or even countries. I feel like this can take me far in life and I can inspire people from my generation.”

Recently Clayton has been receiving exposure for his YouTube videos and is currently at 14.3 thousand subscribers. He has been putting in the hard work and constantly uploading. 

Dezzo4k Youtube link-

DDG Youtube link- UC5QjibX9jYUAZGE9diXpiKA

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