The End Of An Era: On My Block Season 4 Review


Arely Ocampo Bartolo, Managing Editor

Netflix has just released the final season of their smash-hit, On My Block which left many fans wanting more.  The show followed a group known as the “Core Four” which consisted of protagonists Jamal Turner, Monse Finnie, Ruby Martinez, and Cesar Diaz on their crazy adventures trying to navigate life through their city of Freeridge.   

Unfortunately for many die-hard fans, however, this will be the last time we see the Core Four bless our screens with their witty sense of humor and their infectious banter between friends. 

Spoiler alert

The season started with a time jump that took us to the Core Four being high school seniors and preparing to go off on their own. Each member refuses to address the past with the others.  Cesar was now calling major shots in the gang, Jamal was a football star, Monse was at a boarding school, and Ruby was living a posh life with Jasmine Flores, portrayed by Jessica Marie Garcia, as his girlfriend. 

The show also introduced a new character named Veronica or Vero, who quite honestly added nothing to the story. She was Caesar’s girlfriend on the show and then was essentially written off. She wasn’t present for many episodes in the show, and when she did show up, she only seemed to serve as a roadblock for Monse and Ceaser and didn’t contribute to any other part of the storyline. 

The show wasn’t a complete mess and actually had me crying at certain characters’ deaths. It seems as though the showrunners took the two most loved characters and thought “Hmmm, this will make all fans cry if we kill them off.” It also answered the major mystery revolving around the creator of the Santos, Lil’ Ricky, and where he had been. 

I also enjoyed being able to see the character Chivo reappear and bless the screen with his dry sense of humor. He not only added a sense of humor to the show but the quick banter between him and Jamal was refreshing to see. One-liners such as “JULIO! THE POOL IS AT MAXIMUM CAPACITY,” were what carried this show at times, and I only wish we could have seen more of Chivo throughout the season. 

However, as the season progressed, it seemed as though the storyline was jumping all over the place. It would often alternate between present-day and flashbacks. The jumping storyline left even more questions unanswered, such as what led Spooky (a.k.a. Oscar) to finally leave the gang, or who or what led to Oscar being shot. What was the backstory behind Chivo and his “gnomies?” Why did Spooky get a gnome when he died? Did Cesar keep it? How will Monse and Ceaser’s relationship develop? And probably the biggest question left unanswered was this one…


While some of these questions may be answered in the upcoming spinoff for On My Block entitled Freeridge it still may leave questions unanswered and fans (including myself) dissatisfied. While parts of the show were really well done, I feel as though it was not enough to finish off the series in a strong way.