Netflix’s ‘F is for Family’ Goes Out With A Bang


Eric Lee, Editor-In-Chief

Reading Time: < 1 minute

Bill Burr has accomplished a wondrous feat with the success of F is for Family amidst the modern cultural climate. The show’s fifth and final season was released on Netflix on November 25. This dark, witty masterpiece of a show will leave even some George Carlin fans taken aback. It’s a breath of fresh air, in a crude sense.

The show focuses on a 1970’s middle-class suburban family in the fictional city of Rustvale, located somewhere in the Northeastern Rust Belt. Frank Murphy and his wife, Sue, live with their children Kevin, Bill, Maureen, and (spoiler alert) baby Megan. 

In a comical way, everybody’s own personal hell is highlighted, and the characters’ collective lack of emotional control and rationality leads to hilarious moments, rather extreme situations, and filthy jokes. Moments of apparent vulnerability are spontaneously bulldozed by insanity and disgruntled, slightly intoxicated ramblings. Basically, it’s a slightly less surreal Family Guy

After a long day of stress and schoolwork, this is the perfect show to watch over dinner and a bowl of popcorn. It’s five seasons of raucous comedy and glorious indignation. Enjoy at your own risk, and make sure there are no young children or elderly grandparents within earshot.