“Bombs Away” didn’t blow me away!

Aranza Naguanagua, Opinion Editor


The band Sheppard, named after the two founding siblings George and Amy Sheppard, debuted its premier album “Bombs Away” in July 2014. Though it’s lacking lyrical depth, the vocals and sweet harmonies in this indie pop album are worth listening to.

The album starts off with “Geronimo,” an upbeat and dynamic number, the best out of the album, which will intrigue the listener to keep listening to the rest of the album. The problem with such a strong start is the rest of the album doesn’t live up to the first song.

However, several of the other songs are worth praising. In a take of synthpop, on the track “Grade A Playa,” we get an amazing range of Amy Sheppard’s voice.

Sheppard also plays the cheerful harmonies that will satisfy fans of the indie pop genre. In the songs such as “Smile” and “Let Me Down Easily,” the harmonies add a breezy and playful sound to the album.

The band also does a successful play on glam rock with the song “Find Someone,” which adds a good variety of sound in the album. Overall, Sheppard’s sound is on point. All the songs offer a wide range of the vocals, but to make their band stand out, Sheppard must still add a unique effect that will distinguish them from other indie pop bands.