A magical night with Prince Charming

Aranza Naguanagua, Opinion Editor

Reading Time: 2 minutes

We all remember the story of the poor orphan girl who went to the ball, lost her glass slipper, and fell in love with Prince Charming by the end of the night. In 1950, Disney captured our hearts with the animated fairytale of Cinderella. And on March 13, they are coming out with a live-action version of the beloved fairytale.

Directed by Oscar-nominated Kenneth Branagh, this new movie is an adventurous fantasy that will take viewers out of their realm of reality.

The trailer begins with young Ella (Lily James) having a heartfelt moment with her mother before her death. After her death, Ella’s father remarries and Ella forced to live with her stepmother, played by Cate Blanchett, and two stepsisters, played by Holliday Grainger and Sophie McShera.

Once she is living with her new family, Ella is forced to be the housemaid and suffers continuous humiliation from them. This prompts Ella into running away into the woods, where she meets a dashing stranger.

Later we see that Ella and her new sisters have been invited to a ball, but because of her wicked stepmother, she is not allowed to go. As begins to weep over her misfortunate events, her fairy godmother played by Helena Bonham Carter, appears. Ella’s fairy godmother (with the help of stellar visual effects) then turns ordinary items into items Ella can take to the ball.

Once at the ball, Ella realizes that the stranger she met at the woods is in fact Prince Charming, played by Richard Madden.

The Prince and Ella dance the night away at the ball, but when the clock strikes midnight, she must make her way home. Ella leaves her glass slipper behind and Prince Charming goes on a quest to find the maiden that left her slipper.

This live action adaptation is aligned with “Cendrillion,” the classical tale written by Charles Perraul.

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