Legally Blonde Hits the Stage


Jacob Jimenez, Asst. Entertainment Editor

Venice High’s spring production “Legally Blonde the Musical” was based on the 2001 film “Legally Blonde,” but this play had a little musical catch to it. A young girl named Elle (played by freshman Devon Slack), who just got dumped by her boyfriend, leaves UCLA and follows him to Harvard. Now it is Elle who goes to Harvard Law School and tries to win her boyfriend back.

The play starts off with the girls from Delta Nu, Elle’s sorority at UCLA, singing about how Delta Nus are fabulous. The singing started at the Delta Nu house and ended with the girls shopping for clothes at the mall. The play is really close to the original film except for two to three scenes.

The actors and actresses, especially Slack, Xekias Haynes as Emmett and Tatiana Bermudez as Paulette, were extremely professional, with just a few flaws.

However, they should have added their own twist to the characters and not just stick to the film because they would have been better. Unfortunately, the music overpowered the play. It seemed the cast would sing every two to five minutes.

The musical was pleasant and the scenes had vivid backgrounds.

“Legally Blonde the Musical” should receive a 7.5 out of 10. It had some errors with the mics not working well and the music being sometimes overpowering, but it was very fun to watch.