The Evolution Of Ross


Arely Ocampo Bartolo, Managing Editor

$4 for a new shirt that looks like it belongs in Brandy Melville???

It’s trendy too??? 

Sign me up!

Believe it or not, the store I’m getting this shirt from is Ross. Yeah, the same stores that teens used to get ridiculed for because of the fact that they’re “cheap” or “poor people stores.” 

I remember being in elementary school and hearing comments on the playground about how only “lame” people shop at those stores and how they’re dumb stores. Why? Because the fashion is affordable and the shirts aren’t $20. 

In my day, shirts had to be $20 and upward and only have the Justice or GAP logos. God forbid, the brand was some unknown designer that clearly came from Ross.

The feeling of seeing your mom or dad bring home a Ross shirt remains unmatched. You would do your best to hide the brand name or wear a jacket over it so you didn’t get called out. It was horrible. 

But now, I see everyone and their mothers shopping at Ross and coming to school looking like models and celebrities. And where did they get these clothes? None other than Ross. Also, these outfits that are coming out of Ross are CUTE! Blinged tops, graphic tees, and corsets that look like what you see Insta models wearing.

Ross turned into the store everyone went to for fast and cheap fashion rather than a store that people were ashamed of. Seeing this evolution of Ross got me thinking—why did we shame Ross to begin with? Was it because it was “cheap?” Looking back, the clothes were good quality and they were actually really pretty.

We saw the same thing happen with Champion, where people thought it was the cheapest thing ever but now the price point for them has gone through the roof. 

Let’s just use this as a reason to not judge stores for being “cheap,” and not judge people for wearing clothes that are not name brand.